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Wingclips with shapes
Wingclips with shapes

Plain Wingclips
Plain Wingclips


The Wingclip is a unique clip offering numerous possibilities. For example: standard doubled-sided imprint (unique in the world!) and available in 5 different models: standard, rectangular, cylinder, oval and round.

Distinguishing means of communication
With its large printable surface and ergonomic design, this clip is a winner. And with a minimum order (2,500 clips), the Wingclip can be used by almost any company as a communication tool. 

You can recognise the Wingclip by:

√ the identical front and back;
√ the Markclip logo on the reverse side;
√ the high print quality.

The Wingclip is ideal for promoting your logo or company name in combination with your website address, both on the front and on the reverse and in different models. The Wingclip allows you to clip 18 sheets of paper together securely without damaging the paper.

The production process for the Wingclip has been modified to ensure quality is maintained at a lower minimum order. This modification means that the Wingclip is available from 2,500 clips, while no concessions have been made in terms of achieving maximum print quality!